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A bit about me

My name is Jenny and my entire life centers around self care and self expression, inside and out. I was born in Canada and discovered my love for Costa Rica at 26 years old, while on vacation with a close friend. I had been on vacation before, but was completely swept away with the life I felt ignite inside of me that I didn't fully realize I had been missing before that. I never felt confident about who I was or what my direction was going to be before that trip. Purpose began to stir in me on that first trip here.

I believe that in varying degrees, we all face the journey of learning and striving to truly love and accept ourselves and our journeys. Not only in our looks and personalities, but in our abilities, talents, and passions. For myself, it's been letting go of comparisons. There are so many amazing and talented surfers, artists, and entrepreneurs who have made the move to Costa Rica, and who was I? A full time dental hygienist part time lash artist from Canada who happened to love surfing, but who deeply lacked confidence in who she was and what she was capable of. Through years of trips, changing my professional path, and becoming certified and skilled in the beauty industry, I slowly grew to take pride in my expression and direction. I've learned that my own approach to beauty has evolved into an act of self love rather than coming from a place of self loathing. For me, it was important to identify the difference, and to realize that the only perspective that actually matters is my own. I think I had a need to touch people's lives in some deep profound way, but along the way of trying to figure out how I could do this, I realized how simple it all really was.

There are many things in this life that I can honestly say I am passionate about: marine life, surfing, self care (mind, body, and spirit), beauty and creative expression, working with children, working with women, yoga ... I could go on and on, but these important things bring me peace and harmony in my life. Becoming a lash artist was something that I meant to use as "extra" income, but along the way I have realized how my profession has really allowed me to explore all of these other passions in where I have been able to organically grow this business and the community I have become a part of. Not only that, but the detail, care, and creativity that I get to integrate into my work brings my joy on a daily basis. NOT to mention all of the interesting, uplifting, expressive, supportive, and beautiful clients that I have gotten to meet along the way.

And here I am, humbled and grateful for each of you, mother to an amazing Costa Rican little girl, business owner and lash artist. I could not be more grateful and well suited for my path and am excited to see what the future holds, because when you are consistent in caring for and loving yourself, though the challenges will continue, life just gets better and better. Thanks for sticking with me, for reading this, for being clients or just fellow humans struggling to figure out your path. I'm right here with you. Enjoy. Feel your best and be the best you can, love yourself always because that's how we spread love and joy to each other. XO

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