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To say the least, I have an extremely difficult time getting on board with social media and blogging. I love reading and writing, and was always the bookworm reading and journaling as an extremely timid child, but I do strongly feel that the external stimuli in the world today (primarily technology and social media) take away from the use of imagination, presence, and creativity being expressed in other capacities. This being said, I know I can see the benefits and I do see many people using it for good and their own creative expressions as well. So, I am not entirely anti social media. I suppose I ultimately believe that it is overused and many of us use it for some not very uplifting purposes. So I find this distaste in my mouth driving me away from spending very much time on here. Especially with a young impressionable daughter.

Marketing as well in any capacity seems to make me crazy. You either want the lashes or you don't. I really do mean this. I simply want to provide a quality service being sought after.

Ultimately, some may say I lack ambition, or I'm choosing to look at the negative side of these things. However, this is most authentically how I feel and I simply want to let any of my potential clients know that my lack of enthusiasm for things such as social media posting and marketing does not reflect a lack of passion or pride for my work. I believe individuality and listening to each unique client's goals have resulted in the kind of work I take a lot of pride in.

So, when I feel authentically driven and remember the values that social media can bring, I will share what resonates! If you have a specific goal in mind, feel free to request photos of your goal --or to send me photos of what you may have had in the past and would like to replicate.

Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences on marketing or on my antimarketing approach! 🥴

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